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Nippon Spot-less Spot less

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Info Produk

Nippon Spot-less mewakili sebuah cat inovasi teknologi terkini berkualitas tinggi dengan keunikan yaitu noda tidak menempel. Noda cair, dengan bahan dasar air sekotor apa pun akan membentuk butir-butiran sehingga tidak akan menempel dan dapat dengan mudah dibersihkan. Dinding tetap bebas dan bersih dari noda dan tidak menempel. Bahkan Nippon Spot-less dapat bertahan selama 5 tahun. Nippon Spot-less is a premium interior paint that is specially formulated to be extremely stain repellent. Any waterborne stain, no matter how dirty, will form into beads. So stains don' t stick and can be easily removed. Walls stay spotlessly clean from household stains such as tea, coffee, juices, ink, hand marks and etc. Recommended Uses: Ideal for the decoration and protection for interior walls. Product Features: Highlights of this product include: Stain repellent Good washability Low Odour Low VOC Non added lead and mercury Good coverage and easy application Soft Matt Finish ( Low Sheen)